Pilot-RC Kits

Pilot-RC started operation in March of 2008 specialising in Giant Scale Planes, Jets and Gliders. If you would like to know more about this exciting range of ARF kits please contact pilotrc@macgregor.co.uk . If your looking for a Pilot-RC Kit in a custom colour scheme please contact us for pricing and information.

Pilot RC Extra-300


107in (35%)

Pilot RC 3D Trainer

3D Trainer

88in Sport Trainer

Pilot RC Columbia 400

Columbia 400

128in (30%) | 150in (35%)

Pilot RC Predator Composite Jet

Predator Composite Jet

1.8m | 2.2m | 2.7m | 3.2m

Pilot RC ViperJet 2.2M Composite Jet

Composite ViperJet

MKII 3.0m | 2.0m

Pilot RC Gulfstream

Gulfstream G650 Jet

97in Gulfstream

Pilot RC Dolphin Jet

Dolphin Jet

78in-86in | 92in