Secraft RC Parts & Accessories

Secraft develop and produce high quality RC Parts and Accessories using there accumulated technology knowhow from long-term production experience, using the best technology equipped with cutting-edge software and precision machine tools.

secraft servo accessories

Servo Accessories

Secraft servo accessories including servo arms for JR, Hitec and Futaba servos along with side servo mounts.

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secraft rudder accessories

Rudder Accessories

Secraft rudder accessories including replacement crimps, SE wire tensioners, SE easy wire couplers and 0.8mm/1.0mm Pull Pull Wires.

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secraft fuel accessories

Fuel Accessories

Secraft fuel acessories including various types of Fuel Dots along with Final Line Filters, Fuel Plugs and Pumps.

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secraft tx accessories

Transmitter Accessories

Secraft transmitter accessories including Neck Straps, Transmitter Tray's, FPV Station's and Switch Caps.

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secraft aluminium 3d spinners

Aluminium 3D Spinners

Secraft One Piece Aluminium 3D Spinners.

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secraft drilling jigset

Driling Jig Sets

Secraft Acessories propeller
drilling jig sets.

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secraft electric parts

Electric Parts

Secraft Electric Parts including Battery Beds.

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secraft motor accessories


Secraft motor and engine acessories.

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secraft engine stand offs

Engine Stand Offs

Secraft Gasoline/Petrol Engine Mount Stand Offs.

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secraft multi rotor parts

Multi Rotor Parts

Secraft Multi Rotor/Quadcopter Parts.

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secraft control linkages

Control Linkages

Secraft Control Linkage Parts & Accessories.

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secraft tail and wheel accessories

Tail/Wheel Accessories

Secraft Tail/Wheel Accessories.

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secraft field accessories

Field Accessories

Secraft Field Accesories.

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secraft velcro straps


Secraft Velcro Straps.

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secraft wing bolts

Bolts, Nuts, Washers & Levers

Secraft Bolts, Nut, Washers & Levers in various colours & sizes.

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