Dualsky XM5050EA-14 V3 515KV Brushless Motor

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EA V3 Features:

  • New appearance, new design all parts, parts strength and heat dissipation channel to further enhance.
  • With a wider arc magnet, Japanese 0.20mm silicon steel laminiation, providing strong torque.
  • Rotor dual balancing process, NMB bearings, smooth acceleration and deceleration, can bear a higher speed.
  • It adopts 220-class enamelled wire and the high-temperature epoxy, with a five-star overload resistance grace.
  • Multi-purpose design to support both-end installation namely: Firewall Front installation(default) and firewall back installation.


Motor Name XM5050EA-14 V3
KV 515
Weight (g) 292
Dimensions (D x L) (mm) 49.5 x 48.2
Diameter of Shaft (mm) 6.0
Spec. of Mounting Holes 4-M3, 30/30
Input Connectors DB4
Dimensions of Stator (mm) 4120
Slots & Poles 12N14P
Ri(mOhm) 18.5
Io@10V (A) 1.5
No. of Cells (LiPo) 5.61
Efficiency Current (A) 32.5
Burst Current (15S) (A) 65
Peak Power (15S) (W) 1560
Peak Torque (N-M) 1.51
Recommended ESC Summit 100 Light
Recommended Propeller 5S: 16 x 8E, 17 x 8E
6S1: 15 x 8E, 16 x 8E2
Application 70E, .50 - .60 2-Stroke up to .82 4-Stroke

1 Suggested working voltage (NOC)

2 Good throttle management needed


XM5050EA-14 Dimension Drawing
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Order Code: DUA088
Manufactured By Dualsky