Dualsky GA1500.5 V2 500KV 280g 1500W X-Motor

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GA motor - For giant RC airplane series

  • High torque design, diameter 69mm outrunner
  • Using 5S and 6S Lipo battery
  • Replacing 15-20cc gasoline engine
  • Applied up to 3kg 3D model
  • Environmental friendly product

Key Features:

  • Dualsky biggest RC motor we have ever produced.
  • New modular light weight structure
  • Dualsky 28 poles efficient structure
  • Driven directly by 69mm diameter rotor without gearing box
  • Working quietly, no CO2 emission and a wonderful alternative to 15-20cc petrol engine
  • Suitable for less than 3kg 3D/aerobatic models and less than 4.5kg sport models


Weight:280g (Body Only), 344g (With Accessories)
Outer Diameter:69mm
Length with Mounts:57mm
Length Overall:89mm
Diameter of Shaft:8mm (Internal), 8mm (Output)
Mounting Holes Pitch:55mm to 58mm
Slots, Poles:24, 28
Idle Current(Io)@10V:2A
Resistance (Ri):16.2mOhm
Nominal Voltage (V):18.5V-22.2V. 5s-6s Li-Po
Peak Power [15s]1500W
Bursts Current [15s]:70A
Cruising Power [8mins]:800W
Recommended ESC:Summit 100 Light
Propeller:15x8 for best efficiency
16x8 for pilots performance
17x8 for extreme thrust
Weight of Sports Aircraft:Up to 4.5kg
Weight of 3D Aircraft:Up to 3.0kg
Applications:Designed for 70E class
3D Aircraft (60-63in Wingspan)


GA1500 Dimension Drawing
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Order Code: DUA020
Manufactured By Dualsky