F8F Rear Bear 79.5" Wingspan ARF

F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan

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F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan
F8F Rear Bear 79.5in Wingspan

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The Bearcat that became Rare Bear was a severely damaged wreck when discovered by Lyle Shelton in 1969. It had been abandoned next to a runway in Valparaiso, Indiana after it crashed there from a throttle-on torque roll in 1962. The airplane had been stripped by parts hunters, so Shelton found a fuselage, wing center section, landing gear and a right wing panel, but little else. Shelton bought the wreck and had the pieces trucked to Orange County and restoration began. One of the major modifications made during the rebuild involved installing a more powerful Wright R-3350 (from a Douglas Skyraider) in place of the Pratt & Whitney R-800 engine that is standard for a Bearcat. A Douglas DC-7 propeller and cowl were used and Shelton bought the landing gear fairings and doors from the wreck of Bob Kucera's Bearcat. Bill Fornoff loaned him a left wing panel and Gunter Balz supplied a rudder. The windshield and canopy were supplied by Edward T. Maloney. The rebuild was finished with the first flight on 13 September 1969.

Now, VQ introduces the F8F Rare Bear 30cc EP-GP with big battery hatch to allow for easy battery change over. Aluminimum wing joiner with 2 piece wing for easy transport. This F8F Rare Bear is designed with the scale gear door that can be opened-closed by servo.

Great detail: Thanks to the large cowling fits even a ZG45 engine, only the exhaust pipes are down below.

Optional Electric retracts (E-retracts) and struts make this F8F Rare Bear one of the best 30cc size Balsa scale warbirds on the market.


  • All Balsa and Light-Ply construction
  • Fully covered with weathered detailing
  • Fibreglass cowling
  • Reinstalled painted pilot
  • Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
  • Two piece wing with 2 x Aluminium Wing Joiner
  • Gear door open-close by servo
  • Fixed landing gear (Optional E-Retracts with struts sold separately - VQARE24S)


  • Assembly instructions with stage-by-stage illustrations - [ Download ]
  • Tail wheel assembly
  • Fibreglass cowling
  • Fibreglass painted pilot
  • Gasoline/Petrol Fuel tank
  • Wheels and wheel covers
  • 2 x Aluminium wing joiner
  • Decals and all hardware

Required Hardware (Not Supplied)

  • Transmitter, Motor, Propeller, Servos, Battery, Extension Leads, Glue, Tools and Silicone Fuel Line (For GP).

Recommended Hardware


Wingspan:79.53in (2020mm)
Fuselage Length:62.6in (1590mm)
Weight (Ready to fly):7.8kg - 8.1kg (17.2lbs - 17.86lbs)
Engine:35 - 40cc (2-Stroke) / 40cc (4-Stroke)
Cowling Inner Diameter:215mm (8.46in)
Radio:9 channels with 9 heavy duty standard servos (8 for electric)
Electric Motor:TBC

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