Saito FG-61TS Four-Stroke Petrol Engine

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Product Description

The Saito FG-61TS Twin is a bored-out version of the FG-57TS. With the same high quality build we expect from Saito. It has been designed as an alternative yet practical solution to the large singles normally used in 50cc class scale and aerobatic aeroplanes. Being a Saito twin it offers excellent throttle response and lower levels of vibration.

The FG-61TS comes with the standard equipment of Heat Sink, Stand-off mounts and lightweight aluminium prop washer. The twin exhaust sound gives a lovely scale-like mellow sound to the exhaust note. Fuel consumption is also very low at just 35cc per minute, making this a cheap engine to run over the long term.


Displacement: 60.9cc
Bore: 37.2ømm
Stroke: 28mm
Weight: 2,180g
Practical RPM: 1,500 ~ 7,400RPM
Prop: 21 x 11" ~ 23 x 10"
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Order Code: SAT61FGTS
Manufactured By Saito