Hacker Master Force 2826CA-15 Tuning Combo

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Outrunner electromotor.

For Warbirds 840mm, Zoom 4D, Super Zoom (basic version), Extra double Hacker, Piper CUB 1200mm, Joker II.

Recommended props 7 x 4 - 9 x 4.7

Package includes:

  • 1x electromotor with connectors
  • 1x ESC: MC-22A with connectors
  • 1x mounting cross (pitch 34/34mm)
  • 4x screw for mounting cross
  • 1x prop shaft

Technical Data

Number of Cells (LiPo):2-3
Mounting Holes:16/19mm
Max. Burst Current (15s):15A
Max. Burst Power (15s):150W
Prop Range:7 x 4 - 9 x 4.7
Shaft Diameter:3.175mm
Model Class:Warbirds 840mm, Super Zoom (basic version), Zoom 4D, Extra Double Hacker, Piper Cub 1200mm, Joker II
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Order Code: HC3536
Manufactured By Hacker