Dualsky XC406ULT Brushless ESC

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Dualsky XC406ULT Ultra Series Brushless XController ESC


  • Optional programming (No. 41273 - Sold Separately) for clear and easy adjustment of functions.
  • Option of setting the controller for use with inrunner or outrunner motors; LED indicator.
  • Timing mode for matching the number of motor poles.
  • Switchable brake, with user-variable braking power.
  • High clock frequency for ultra-fine control, e.g. when torque rolling
  • Integral temperature monitor protects against thermal damage.
  • Like all dualsky speed controllers features the usual protective and filter functions, including power-on guard and RX-filter.
  • Designed expressly for the Dualsky brushless motors, but also suitable for other brushless motors, since these controllers feature virtually no restriction on the number of motor poles.
  • User-variable soft-start
  • Adjustable Acceleration
  • DGM2 - 2nd Generation Dualsky Governor Mode
  • Throttle signal is compatible with PWM and S.BUS(Adaptively)


Dimensions:63 x 34 x 15.8mm
Weight Without Wire:52g
Number of Cells:6...18 NiMH, 7.2...21.6V
2...6 LiPo, 7.4...22.2V
Continuous Current:40A
Burst Current:60A
Resistance (Ri):0.0028 Ohm
Signal Inputs:PWM & S.BUS
Signal Frequency:Up to 433Hz
Battery Eliminate Circuit (BEC):5A switching mode, 5V-7.4V adjustable
Duo Output:NO
Fail-Safe Switch:YES
Programming:Throttle or ProgCARD V3
High Response System (HRS):YES
Governor Mode (DGM2):YES
Brake System:5 Steps
Timing System:Adjustable
Soft Start:3 Steps
Acceleration:5 Steps
Low Voltage Cut-Off:YES
Start Up Guard:YES
Overheat Protection:YES
Water & Dust Proof:NO
Heat Sink:YES
Plastic Housing:YES
LED Indicator:YES
Input Wires:14AWG, 150mm
Output Wires:16AWG, 75mm
Signal Wire:JR, 300mm
Applications:Up to 30E RC airplane
450E class EP helicopter


XC406ULT Dimensions Drawing
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Order Code: DUA049
Manufactured By Dualsky