Dualsky XC8018BA V2 Brushless ESC

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Dualsky XC8018BA Brushless ESC ideally suitable for use with their GA Series X-Motors.


  • Supports all motor types up to 210,000 rpm(2 Poles motors).
  • Extremely low resistance, factory high quality MosFETs, for high current usage.
  • Dualsky Governor Mode(DGM) ready.(40-90A)
  • Adjustable cut-off, either motor stop or reduction in power.
  • DLBM on/off - Dualsky Linear Brake Mode. Brake strength can be adjusted by transmitter when switch on.
  • Full protection features including: Low voltage cut-off, Over heating protection, signal loss auto cut-off.
  • Normal, Soft or Super-Soft start up modes available, for both fixed wing and helicopter setups.
  • Smooth and accurate throttle control throughout the range.
  • Throttle digital signal sampling, compatible with the signal frequency of 14 msNormalmode and 7 ms high-speed mode (HS Mode).
  • Throttle range can be re-calibrated, so suitable for all brands of transmitter.
  • Fully PC programmable when used with Dualsky USB link(#45525).
  • Compatible with programming card(#45200) for easy re-programming at the field!
  • 6A-30A: Stable linear BEC power supply, support up to 3S Lipo.
  • 40A-80A: UBEC switching power supply, support up to 6S Lipo,3A, easily support 4-5pcs of standard Digital Servos.
  • 100-130A: Control signal applied OPTO technology, eliminate the interference from high voltage to the control system.


Dimensions: (L x W x D)75 x 30x 14mm
Number of Cells:NiXX 6-18, 7.2-21.6V | LiPo 2-6, 7.4-22.2V
Resisitance (Ri)(Ohm):0.0016
Max Cont. Current(A) & Max Cont. Output(W):80A, 1680W
Max Burst Current(A) & Max Burst Output(W):100A, 2040W
BEC/Dissipative Power:5.5V/3A (Switching)
Programmable:Throttle + ProgCARD + USB Link
Input Wires:150mm, 12AWG, DC3
Output Wires:90mm, 14AWG, DB4
Signal Wire:300mm JR
Description:High Amp, UBEC
Applications:.70 Class Aerobatic
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Order Code: DUA035
Manufactured By Dualsky

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