Pilot Profile

Team JR MacGregor Pilot Toby Newton

Toby Newton

Age: 24

Location: Grendon Underwood - Buckinghamshire

Current Equipment: Coming Soon...

Favourite Disciplines: Scale Fixed wing IC & Turbine, Scale/IMAC Style Aerobatics.

Flying Experience: I ventured into model flying in 2010 after teaching myself the basics in a local farmers field. Joining my local club (Chesham Model Flying Club) a few months later, quickly taking my A & B certifications. I was hooked.

From then I purchased my first turbine model in 2011 and flew for Boomerang Jets UK at Jet Power Messe 2012. Since then I have mainly flown at scale fly ins and club days and really just enjoying the flying and helping instruct new blood to enter the hobby.

2015 Promises to be a great year with more events to fly at, more great people to meet . And of course being selected as part of the MacGregor Flight team, which is a huge honour, and I am really looking forward to displaying their superb products and working alongside the other great pilots chosen.

Current Fleet

Skymaster Grumman F9F Cougar
- Merlin 160 Turbine
- JR Servos on surfaces
- JR DMSS Xbus guidance via Powerbox Royal SRS

Ziroli Hellcat
- 3W80 Flat Twin
- Unitracts Twist & Turn gear
- JR DMSS Guidance

Dream Flight Libelle DLG
- JR DMSS Guidance

There are more aircraft being worked on for the 2015 season , which include Airworld BAE Hawk, 1/4 Scale Fokker D8, 30cc Corvus racer, YT International JU-87

All Current and new aircraft will be flown on JR DMSS because nothing else has the reliability and feel that this system offers.

Photo Gallery

Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Toby Newton


Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Toby Newton
Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Toby Newton
Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Toby Newton

Details coming soon....