Cashmoor IMAC 2017

Author: Jon Tappin | Date: May 2017

The International Miniature Aerobatic Club IMAC was originally formed in the USA to run scale aerobatic competition to the same rules as the full size International Aerobatic Club, IAC. Models must be recognisable as a model of a full size subject that has been used in aerobatic competition and should be accurate in outline to within 10% of dimensions of the full size. This allows some level of modification to improve the flying characteristics, typically longer moment arm and lowered tail to minimise pitch coupling with rudder.

Over time interest in this class of competition aerobatics has spread all over the world and has been running in the UK for over 20 years.

The Wimborne MAC (my home club) have hosted a contest every year since 2011 at their Cashmoor site in the beautiful Dorset countryside and this year it was held over the weekend of 13th and 14th May.

Pilots starting arriving early on the Friday for some pre contest practice. Unfortunately entry numbers were slightly down on previous years but this was due to date clashes for some of the normal entrants. At least 4 or 5 of the regulars were missing this year, although we had 3 first time entrants, Simon Lorenz, Dave Twilley and Graham Reid who had all attended the IMAC introduction and training weekend held in Bristol a month earlier. It's always great seeing new blood come in. I used to fly F3a with Graham back in the 90's so it was great to see him back into competition aerobatics again.

The weather was very good all weekend if a little windy, however this is never a bad thing for a contest as it provides an extra challenge and tends to sort out the men from the boys!

IMAC is structured with 5 classes of increasing difficulty starting with Basic, then Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited. In the UK we have elected not to fly basic as it has very little support and Sportsman is a reasonable difficulty level for a first time competitor.

This year Sportsman was well supported with 6 entries, 3 of which were the new comers. We had no Intermediate entries, but there were 2 in Advanced and 3 in the top Unlimited class.

Due to the lower numbers we managed to fly 8 rounds over the weekend, 7 known schedules (set at the beginning of the year and used at every comp) and one Unknown schedule which is handed out in the morning and flown without the benefit of any practice later the same day, a good memory and a good caller are required to get through this unscathed!

The lowest 2 known scores were dropped for each competitor, the remaining 5 are added to the Unknown score for the final result. This makes the Unknown schedule vitally important as the score has to be counted. Scoring a zero for one figure can be enough to lose you the competition and this is very easy to do, especially in the higher classes where the complexity of the figures is high. Rolling the wrong way in a figure for example, is enough to zero it.

JR pilots were well represented at the contest with 6 out of the 11 competitors.

  • Dave Twilley 11X Zero, 2nd in Sportsman
  • Dave Staley XG14, 5th in Sportsman
  • Steve Morris 9XII and DLE 60 twin, 6th in Sportsman
  • Jon Tappin 28X and DLE 170, 2nd in Unlimited
  • Phil Mitchell 12X, 3rd in Unlimited

Anyone interested in having a go and improving your flying should check out the IMAC UK website

Here is a link to a video shot at the event by one of the Club Members, Phil Ford.

It shows flights of the following

  1. Thomas David - Unlimited class Unknown
  2. Steve Morris - Sportsman class Known
  3. Jon Tappin - Unlimited Class Known
  4. Mal Green - Advanced Class Known
  5. Phil Mitchell - Unlimited Class Unknown


Cashmoor IMAC Competition 2017
Cashmoor IMAC Competition 2017
Cashmoor IMAC Competition 2017
Cashmoor IMAC Competition 2017
Cashmoor IMAC Competition 2017
Sportsman Class Results
Unlimited Class Results
Advanced Class Results