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Team JR MacGregor Pilot Simon Wright

Simon Wright

Age: Not young!

Current Equipment:

  • JR DSX9 & PCM9 with 2.4 & 35 MHz modules, Upgrading to DMSS with XBus.
  • Pilot RC Extra 300 107" 35% DLE111 JMB cans
  • PA Addiction X, IPA pack, Vortex generators
  • 3DHS Extra, DLE55 MTW can
  • Carden Yak 54 , DLE55 MTW can
  • EG Raven, DLE55 Zimmerman can
  • GW SU29 DLE55 AS power can.

I am a project manager currently employed in the M.E.C & I design of bespoke equipment for the nuclear industry and have been flying RC aircraft for about 25 years, participating in and enjoying many aspects of model aviation. Like most aero-modellers I have a lifelong passion for all things aviation.

My current fleet of models is comprehensive and eclectic including rotary and fixed wing using electric, glow, petrol, diesel, and gravity for motive power. Notable exceptions from my fleet include a turbine and multi-copter, something to correct in the near future perhaps?

While dabbling in Heli, gliders, scale, free flight and slope soaring, it is large scale aerobatics and 3D that is my passion and I possess a few 50cc models plus my favourite Pilot RC 35% Extra 300 powered by a DLE111. For my RC models JR has been the radio of choice for almost 20 years.

Unlike many of the other team members I am not a competition flyer or champion, just a keen club flyer that displays at a few shows. I am based in Staffordshire and fly regularly at Weston Park, LMA Cosford, Catton Hall, Much Marcle & the BMFA Show line. If you see me, please give me a shout, always happy to talk aviation.

I consider it vitally important that experienced modellers share their knowledge to contribute towards the health and welfare of the hobby and the clubs they fly from. To this end I am a BMFA Qualified Instructor and Examiner at two local clubs and Chairman of Lower Drayton Flyers.

My other interests include writing and photography, although my skills with framing photographs are abysmal, my wife Heather has an uncanny ability to catch a fast moving subject dead centre of image. The combination of a good photographer and adequate flyer that can link a couple of sentences together allowed me to become a regular reviewer and contributor of articles in most of the UK glossy RC magazines and the BMFA news.

My winter project for 2016 is to build my own design 'record breaker' to make an attempt on the UK records for Distance (straight line) , Distance (Goal & Return), Duration and Altitude. To achieve this telemetry data will be vital and my faithful JR DSX9 will be retired for the highly secure and telemetry capable DMSS system with X-Bus.

I am really excited by the opportunity to fly for Team JR MacGregor and look forward to providing help & assistance wherever possible with any product or technical queries you may have and can be contacted on simon@lowerdraytonflyers.com

Finally, please ensure that your model is airworthy, batteries are charged, radio link is secure, and your flight is safe. Most of all: remember to smile, this is FUN!

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Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Simon Wright


Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Simon Wright
Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Simon Wright
Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Simon Wright

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