Pilot Profile

Team JR MacGregor Pilot Roger Mayo

Roger Mayo

Age: 46

Current Equipment:

  • JR Sylphide E12 EX with Super Gracy fuselage
  • JR Propo 28x Tx
  • JR Propo NX 8925 & SPG01) servos
  • JR Propo MiniTAGS
  • JR Propo Rx's

Roger Mayo - 46 years old from Harrow in Middlesex, a qualified electrician by trade currently working as a construction manager at Heathrow Airport.

I began my career flying model aircraft later than most, around 20 years ago on Ivinghoe Beacon with RC gliders. Although my first radio was a cheap 4 channel Sanwa (in case I couldn't get the hang of it) I quickly found out about the reliability of JR radios. My first JR radio set was a second hand X347 transmitter which served me well. Quickly progressing through to a X3810 I also discovered model helicopters, some 15 years ago, and the radios kept changing until I realised my ambition of finally owning a PCM10x which I still have.

I am a competitive flyer and a current member of the UK F3C Helicopter Team and I'm pleased to say that all three team members are once again Team JR MacGregor pilots!!

Over the years I have attended and flown at many of the UK shows & exhibitions which I enjoy. I have been a regular competitor at the British Nationals & the Scottish Helicopter Nationals for more years than I care to admit to, my best placing at both being 2nd behind my fellow team member Steve Roberts.

I have just started using the new JR 28x transmitter which I love because of the quality and feel as well as the new XBus NX8925 servos with the JR MiniTAGS flybarless gyro and JR RG712BX DMSS receiver.

I have flown some fixed wing aircraft although I don't currently own any (must change that situation soon) but I enjoy almost all forms of RC flying.

Lots of interesting things to come I hope in 2016 and I'm looking forward to enjoying all of those with Team JR MacGregor.

Hope to see you at some of the many shows during the year!!!!!!

Details coming soon....