Pilot Profile

Team JR MacGregor Pilot Ian Emery

Ian Emery

Age: 35

Current Equipment:

  • JR XG11 11-Channel DMSS 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Model A - JR RG731BX DMSS Xbus Rx
  • Model B - JR RG712BX Xbus Rx
  • Model A - (JR SLS01, SPG01 Quick release servos)
  • Model B - (JR NX8925 XBus Servos, SPG01)

I have been flying helicopters for about 9 years with 2016 being my 6th Season of competition flying, starting off in Clubman's, then Sportsman's before progressing to F3C in 2014. I began flying helicopters as a member of Helipad model club in Fareham before relocating to Oxfordshire and joining Oxon Heli Collective.

In 2016 I will be attending the Euro Heli Series F3C World Cup Competitions in Holland, Belgium and the UK along with the Scottish Heli Nats and the British Nationals. In July I will also be attending the FAI European F3C/N Championships in Wloclawek, Poland which will be my first major championship which I am really looking forward to and will be a great experience.

Current Model Specs:

  • JR Sylphide E-12 EX FBL
  • Body - Super Gracy EX FRP Bodyset and SY E-12 EX half bodyset
  • Cyclic Servos - Model A (JR SLS01 QRS) / Model B (JR NX8925 XBus Servos)
  • Main Blades - JR XB795 / JR XB755
  • Tail Blades - XB105-TR3
  • Tx - JR XG11 11-Channel DMSS 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Rx - JR RG731BX / JR RG712BX
  • Rudder Servo - JR SPG01 QRS
  • FBL - Spartan Vortex
  • Optipower 6s 5000Mah Lipos, Optipower 2s 3600Mah Rx Lipo, Optipower Ultraguard
  • ESC - Castle ICE2 120HV / Castle Edge 160HV

Details coming soon....