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Team JR MacGregor Pilot Connor Stephenson

Connor Stephenson

Age: 21

Current Equipment: JR Propo 11x-Zero

I'm Connor Stephenson, 21 years old. I've been flying since March 2007 and based in North Yorkshire at North Leeds Model Flying Club.

Got into aerobatics in 2009 and never looked back. Currently flying F3P indoor aerobatics at competition level, and enjoying my 100cc Composite ARF Edge 540.

I particularly enjoy the IMAC side of outdoor flying. Very into the technical side of the hobby so I'm extremely excited to be working with Team MacGregor and getting to know their products!

Currently the owner of a JR 11x as my TX.

Definitely looking forward to working with MacGregor and this fantastic team and showing our fantastic products to the public! But most of all, enjoying my flying! Here's some Videos of me doing my thing!

Connor's Videos

Demo flight at the Electric Indoor Masters by MacGregor Industries pilot - Connor Stephenson

Precision Aerobatics Katana MX by Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Connor Stephenson

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