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Team JR MacGregor Pilot Chris Bransbury

Chris Bransbury

Age: 20

Current Equipment: JR Propo XG11 DMSS Transmitter, NX8921 servos

I developed an in interest in aviation at a very early age and learnt to fly model aircraft when I was twelve years old at the Heart of England Aeromodellers, which is conveniently located just half a mile from my home.

When not busy studying at Loughborough University, I spend most of my spare time either flying full-size aircraft with the East Midlands Universities Air Squadron and my local flying club, or building and flying model aircraft to display at shows and events around the country.

I enjoy meeting new people and relish fresh challenges as I gain experience. Being part of Team Macgregor is really exciting and I am looking forward very much to the coming season.

I currently use a JR XG11 DMSS Transmitter to fly my 3DHS 2.6M Electric Edge 540 which is fitted with XBus XB2-CHB Heavy Duty Redundant Centre Hub and NX8921 servos, my PA XR-52, and my ZN Line Wizard Jet with JR 8911 servos.

See you in 2016!

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Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Chris Bransbury


Team JR MacGregor Pilot - Chris Bransbury


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