1 Servo Rudder Tray with Servo Arm (#4-40)

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CNC machined Single Servo Rudder Tray available with 3.5/4.0/4.5 or 5.0 Inch Servo Arm with multiple #4-40 bolt output mounting holes. This tray features dual ball bearings for ultra-smooth and precise movement. Includes mounting hardware.

Compatible with Standard size JR, Futaba and Hitec servos.

Shoring: 2 Bearing Insert

Tray Colour: Black

Shoring Arm Colour: Silver

Total Weight: 120g


  1. Full Arm Servo Arm (1 per package)
  2. Fixing screw bolt (4 per package)
  3. Turnbuckle pushrod (2 per package)
  4. AL Ball links (4 per package)
  5. Servo fixing screw bolt (4 per package)
  6. Replacement Crimps (2 per packge)
  7. Washer for servo (2 per packge)
  8. SE wire tensioner (1 per packge)
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Order Code: SEC170/171/172/173
Manufactured By Secraft