IISI-RC TXE100 Transmitter

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TXE transmitters observe your battery while you're flying your plane or helicopter. The safe, long range and reliable RF link transfers all relevant data to the RC pilot (using the Cockpit). The Cockpit translate the received values into useful and applicable information, which assists the RC pilot during his flight.

All TXE Transmitters are equipped with the IISI-Link. Connect up to 4 IISI expanders to the TXE. It serves also as a configuration interface, using the Cockpit.

No matter how and what you fly, the IISI System will report the battery status and alert you when the remaining battery capacity is below a pre-defined level. Find the best motor-battery-prop combination for your plane by analyzing in-flight current consumption and performance.

Technical Data

  • Up to 100Amps
  • 300Amps burst resistant
  • 2-14S LiPo
  • Size: 50 x 22 x 8mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • IISI-Link expansion port
  • Reprogrammable

Order Code: IISI-TXE100
Manufactured By IISI-RC

How to install the TXE50/100/150/200*

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