IISI-RC EXP-AVM2 Digital Altimeter & Variometer

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EXP Expanders are connected to the IISI-Link and do not operate stand-alone. Multiple expanders can be connected to the IISI-Link using a Y cable.

The EXP-AVM2 is a digital altimeter and variometer. It uses advanced silicon sensor technologies to measure the altitude and its variation based on the changing air pressure.

It is an ideal instrument for sailplanes to detect upwinds and for towplanes to know when they reached the desired altitude above ground.

The EXP-AVM2 can be connected to any TXE by using the IISI-Link! Parameter settings are done using the Cockpit.


  • Altitude in meters above and below starting point: 1m or 10cm resolution (with Cockpit V2)
  • Variation in altitude in m/s (about 5cm/s resolution)
  • Alarms, programmable vario sounds, etc. see Cockpit V2
  • Automatic reset of max. altitude for airtow pilots
  • Automatic calibration for start altitude
  • Firmware upgradable through Cockpit
  • Size: 23 x 16 x 5mm
  • Weight: 4g

Please Note: Needs latest Cockpit Software


Order Code: IISI-EXPAVM2
Manufactured By IISI-RC