IISI-RC EXP-GPS2 Speedometer with Alti-Variometer

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EXP Expanders are connected to the IISI-Link and do not operate stand-alone. Multiple expanders can be connected to the IISI-Link using a Y cable.

The "EXP-GPS2" extension is a user friendly GPS speedometer, combined with an Alti-Variometer. Speed is computed and given by reference to the ground, in 2 dimensions or in space, in 3D, by combining the altitude variation computed from the pressure sensor data.

Furthermore, it gives altitude above the sea level, the heading, as well as the number of visible satellites, and GPS position to relocate your model in case of loss (by using a smart phone).

The EXP-GPS2 external power supply can be measured and displayed on the Cockpit, using standard under-voltage alarms. This connection is equipped with "zero standby power", which means that it draws no current when the IISI-Link is inactive. You can keep the battery connection without discharging it when your model is not used. Without this power supply, the GPS2 works as standard vario / altimeter based on air pressure.


  • 5Hz GPS, 35s cold start, 1s hot start
  • Alarm for over and under speed (km/h) and altitude
  • Data: Speed over ground (2D, 3D), altitude above sea level, number of satellites, heading
  • Firmware upgradable through Cockpit
  • Needs to be powered by additional 4-12V, 35mA; typically a receiver output
  • channel. Switches off (<1uA) when IISI link inactive
  • 4 operation modes: Normal, position optimized, speed optimized, only vario
  • Size: 35 x 23 x 9mm, Weight: 12g

Please Note: Needs latest Cockpit Software

Please Note: For Cockpit V1, you need to install the IISI-GPS2_V100.exe on your Cockpit, upgrade the GPS2, the re-install the Cockpit V1.15 software. Reduced functionality, not available are: 0.1m altitude, altitude above sea level, operation modes (only normal or vario, depending on external power supply).


Order Code: IISI-EXP-GPS2
Manufactured By IISI-RC